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Network Monitoring

Knowing who is accessing your network, and when, is important information when it comes to running a successful business in the modern digital age. The best protection for your computers is to hire AJE Advocates, Inc in Westminster, CO. We can provide you with precision network monitoring services, so you can have full knowledge of each and every single time anyone accesses anything in your network, giving you the peace of mind that comes with never having any surprises. Network monitoring services are very common, and almost a complete necessity in today’s world of online and computer-based business. Our goal is to provide you with the quality IT solutions your business needs, for a price that is right for your budget.


We care about your business and employees. We want the information on the computers at your business to be safe at all times. Our trained IT professionals in Westminster, CO have experience with targeted network monitoring, as well as a wide range of various IT services. We are known for providing our customers the best security. Our experience in computer security will ensure your business information is kept safe. After looking at the network setup at your business, we will be able to choose the right firewalls to use for your protection.

Our staff will keep track of the traffic using your network security. You will know who is accessing your network. We will ensure your network can only be accessed by you and your employees. By hiring us, you will know who is seeing information on your network. We will help you avoid malicious attacks, and we will provide the best security for your computer system.

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